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Portugal- Spain- France Tour
11 days / 10 nights
Lisbon - Santarem - Fátima - Salamanca - Alba de Tormes - Ávila - Segovia - Madrid - Burgos - Loyola - Lourdes - Barcelona

Day 1 Lisbon
Arrival to Lisbon. Transfer to hotel.

Day 2 Lisbon
A sightseeing tour. The city is situated on the shores of the river Tagus that witnessed the departure of the caravels during the Age of Discovery. The tour includes places like Rossio ( the historical heart of the city ), Praça do Comercio, Torre de Belém and Mosteiro dos Jerónimos. Visiting the church of St. Antony, built on the site where once was his father’s house and where he was born. St. Antony is the most venerated saint in the catholic world. Possibility of celebrating the Holy Mass.

Day 3 Lisbon - Santarém (90 km/1,30h)- Fátima (60km/1h)
Visiting Óbidos, small village with well preserved medieval atmosphere. Here the visitors can taste a local beverage called ginginha. The next stop is Santárem, capital of the Portuguese province of Ribatejo. Visiting the church of the Holy Host miracle. Possibility of celebrating the Mass. It was here where occurred one of the most important miracles of the Eucharist, equal in importance with the one of Lanciano in Italy. Proceeding to Fátima- “the altar of the world”. Fátima became one of the most attended places in the catholic world when in 1917 the Virgin Mary appeared there and was seen by three young shepherds.

Day 4 Fátima
The day is fully dedicated to the visit of the sanctuary and places related to the apparitions and the life of the three shepherds. Visiting the little chapel of the apparitions, the exact place where the Blessed Mother appeared to Lúcia, Fransisco and Jacinta. Visit of the basilica of the Rosary to see the tombs of the seers and also the brand new of the Holy Trinity. The last one is the masterpiece of Tombazis. Its interior is full of works of art by different artists from all over the world. It gives to the new basilica a more universal aspect. The new temple can shelter 9000 sit people. In the afternoon, visiting Aljustrel- the birthplace of the seers. It is 1 mile away from the Cova da Iria. Visiting Loca do Anjo ( apparition of the angel ) and the Hungarian Calvary ( way of the cross ). Free time for personal devotion.

Day 5 Fátima- Salamanca (400km/4h)- Alba de Tormes (20km/30 min )- Ávila (100km/1,30h)
Leaving Portugal for Spain. The first stop is the magnificent city of Salamanca. It is a major university center with one of the oldest universities in Europe. From artistic and architectural point of view the city is also wonderful. Heading to Alba de Tormes, the first place related to St. Teresa de Ávila in the trip. St. Teresa was a reformer of the church and also found numerous convents. She was given the title of Dr. of the Church. The following destination is Ávila. This town is surrounded by ancient walls dating back to the time of the Romans and still carries the charm of the medieval cities.

Day 6 Ávila- Segóvia (90km/1h)- Madrid (100km/1,30h)
Visit of Avila in the morning. Proceeding to Segóvia where can be found the tomb of St. John of the Cross, confessor of St. Teresa. What stands out in the city is the beautiful and well preserved roman aqueduct. The next step is the monumental Madrid. This city was built by order of Felipe II with the aim to be the center of a big empire. The lines, the monumentality of the buildings and the wide avenues prove that. Sightseeing tour of Madrid going through avenues such as Castellana Visita panorâmica da cidade, the Gran via full of theaters, the monument of Cervantes, the Plaza Major and other place that make this capital one of the most elegant ones in Europe.

Day 7 Madrid- Burgos (250km/2,30h)- Loyola (180km/2h)- Lourdes (270km/3h)
Departure to Burgos. This is the city of El Cid, the legendary Christian Knight and warrior in the mythic battles between Christians Muslims in the Iberian Peninsula. This city has one of the most beautiful gothic cathedrals in whole Spain. Heading to Azpetia, place where can be found the manner house of the family of St. Ignacio of Loyola. He brought a different concept to the religious organization he found- the company of Jesus. Known as the Jesuits, they happen to be one of the most important missionary orders in South Africa and Far East. Heading to the French border in order to visit one of the most important Marian sanctuaries in the world- Lourdes.

Day 8 Lourdes
The day is fully dedicated to the visit of Lourdes. This Marian sanctuary is attended by millions of pilgrims every year in search for cures and renewal of their fate. It all started with the apparition of the Virgin Mary in the grotto of the rock of Massabielle to a humble shepherd called Bernadete. In this apparition is confirmed by a divine mean the dogma of the Immaculate Conception. Visiting the holy places related with the life of St. Bernardete such as “Le Moulin de Boully”, “Le Cachôt” (the old abandoned dungeon where the family was forced to live during the hard times ). Possibility of bathing in the pools of the sanctuary filled with water from the river Tarbes. Free time for personal devotion.

Day 9 Lourdes - Montserrat (400km/5h) - Barcelona (65km/1h)
Departure from Lourdes to get in Spanish territory. The first stop will be a sanctuary in the surroundings of Barcelona situated on a chain of hills with a peculiar shape of a soar where its name comes from: Mont Serrat. There can be found a Benedictine monastery that shelters a statue of the Black Virgin. The monastery is also a symbol of preservation of the Catalan culture. Free time for personal devotions. Continuation to Barcelona.

Day 10 Barcelona
Visit of one of the most artistic cities in Spain and also in Europe. One of the great names of Barcelona is Gaudí. Here the visitor can admire works like La Sagrada Família- “The Holy family church”. Climbing up to Montjuic where there is a wonderful overview of the city and its harbour. The Olympic games in 1992 gave a big push to the development of the city. The best example for this is the harbour, full of trendy restaurants and shops. Everyone here admires the activity of the Ramblas (avenues) and the strange but beautiful buildings in the center built by Gaudí.

Day 11 Barcelona
Transfer to the airport.




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