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European Journeys specializes in European Performance Tours for choirs, bands, orchestras, performing arts, and cultural & thematic groups.
We create custom designed tour itineraries to match each performing group and to demonstrate the unique goals of each client. We understand that the needs of a Choir Tour are vastly different to that of other traveling groups, so we offer a portfolio of destinations and venues, selected for their suitability to choir groups, with varying repertoire styles. Performances are supplemented with related visits and excursions that highlight their European destinations of choice, culminating in the realization of a distinctive performance tour for every unique ensemble.
Concerts, joint performances, exchanges, and master-classes are featured and expertly matched to an ensemble’s repertoire, strengths, preferences, and size, to nurturing venues and appropriate opportunities.
Whether you are looking for performance venues, quality practice times and facilities, university housing or first class lodging and sightseeing - European Journeys create unique experience to make your event a complete success!