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Norway for second-timers
6 days / 5 nights
Oslo - Bergen - Flam - Sognefjord - Balestrand - Nordfjord - Loen - Geiranger - Lom - Lillehammer - Oslo

Events & Festivals Norway

Narvik Winter Festival, town of Narvik, March - April - transports the entire town back in time to its Klondyke years.
Viking Festival, town of Haugesund, June - costumed participants man stalls and stage re-enactments all designed to bring local heritage back to life.
Pagan Bonfires on Sankthans, June - the longest day of the year, when in many parts of the country the sun doesn’t set.
Skude festival, town of Skudeneshavn, July - the largest gathering of coastal culture in Western Norway.
Hove Festival, town of Tromoya, June/July - probably the only festival in the world with its own boat camp.

Day 1 Oslo
Arrival transfer.

Day 2 Oslo
See the National Theatre, Parliament, and Royal Palace. Continue to the Opera House, Norway’s first entry into the top league of modern architecture. Visit the Oslo Cathedral, that dominates parts of the downtown scene. Get to St.Hanshaugen, a delightful public park on the highest hill in central Oslo and enjoy a great view of the city. Visit the Viking Ship Museum, where to see two 1100 year old Viking-ships. Go to Vigeland Sculpture Park and enjoy wonderfully relaxed atmosphere. Explore the Fjords on a sightseeing cruise.

Day 3 Bergen - Flam - Sognefjord - Balestrand
Travel to Voss. Enjoy the unique Stalheim Canyon. Stop at the fjordside Flam village. Get the train, a masterpiece of engineering, to Myrdal. Admire the magnificent waterfalls and mountain scenery. Cruise along the Sogn Fjord, the longest and deepest fjord in the world. Enjoy the spectacular scenery of snow-clad peaks. Continue to Vangsnes. Ferry to the fascinating Balestrand resort.

Day 4 Balestrand - Nordfjord - Loen - Geiranger
Cruise along the fjord to Fjærland. Travel to the largest in Europe, Jostedal Glacier. Stop in Skei village. Enjoy the breathtaking view of Nord Fjord. Continue to Olden and the world-famous Briksdal Glacier. Get to Hellesylt village. Cruise along the most spectacular in Norway, Geiranger Fjord. Admire the view of Bridal Veil and the Seven Sisters waterfalls.

Day 5 Geiranger - Lom - Lillehammer - Oslo
Bus drive to Lom and the famous stave church. Travel to the popular town of Lillehammer. Continue to the largest lake in Norway, Lake Mjosa. Back to Oslo and Holmenkollen, home of the world-famous ski jump. Enjoy the breathtaking Oslo fjord.

Day 6 Oslo
Transfer to the airport.