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Norway Highlights Tour
9 days / 8 nights
Oslo - Eidsvoll - Lillehammer - Lom - Geiranger - Hernindal - Loen - Lake Jolster - Fjaerland - Gudvangen - Voss - Bergen - Telemark - Oslo

Day 1 Oslo
Arrival at the airport. Transfer to the hotel.

Day 2 Oslo
The tour starts going to the National Theatre, Parliament, and Royal Palace. Continue to the Opera House, Norway`s first entry into the top league of modern architecture. Visit the Oslo Cathedral, that dominates parts of the down town scene. Get to St.Hanshaugen, a delightful public park on the highest hill in central Oslo and enjoy a great view of the city and surroundings. Visit the Viking Ship Museum, where to see two 1100 year old Viking-ships and various other Viking artifacts. Go to Vigeland Sculpture Park and enjoy wonderfully relaxed atmosphere. Explore the Fjords on a sightseeing cruise.

Day 3 Oslo - Eidsvoll (70km/1h) - Lillehammer (130km/2h)
Departure to Eidsvoll, where the country’s democratic constitution was signed in 1814. See the building that housed the first parliament, preserved in all its grander. Walk through a piece of Norwegian history, among majestic old trees. Enjoy the picturesque Lake Mjosa, a typical Norwegian fjord lake. Arrival in Lillehammer. Visit the open-air museum in Malhaugen Park that consists of more than 100 old buildings. Among them are 18th century farmhouses from the heyday of peasant culture and various craftsmen’s workshops, housed in a large separate building.

Day 4 Lillehammer - Lom (170km/3h) – Geiranger (100km/2h) – Hornindal - Loen (90km/1h30min)
Travel to Lom. Visit the impressive church in Lom, one of the biggest and most beautiful stave churches in the country. Get to Dalsnibba and enjoy the panoramic view of Geirangerfjord. Enjoy a cruise and see the popular \"Seven Sisters\" cascade. Unique is the view of the waterfalls. Explore Lake Hornindal and enjoy the tranquility. Continue to Loen.

Day 5 Loen – Lake Jolster – Fjaerland (80km/1,30h)– Gudvangen - Voss (180km/3h)
Departure to Vatedalen Valley. Enjoy the picturesque Lake Jolster. Continue to Jostedalsbreen, the largest glacier on the continent of Europe. See one of the mighty tongues that radiate into the surrounding valleys. Visit the impressive Norwegian Glacier museum in Fjaerland. Take a safe trip under the \"glacier\" and experience the sounds, light, water and winds, watching the five –screen. Cruise on the largest fjord in Norway, Sognefiord. Continue to Voss.

Day 6 Voss – Bergen (100km/1,30h)
Enjoy the resort of Voss, in the heart of Fjord Norway, it is known to be the adventure capital of Norway. Explore excellent views of the fascinating potholes from the deep and dramatic Bordalsgjelet Gorge. Follow the footpath to the top of the gorgeous Tvindefossen 152-metre waterfall. Departure to Bergen, the most popular gateway to the fjords of West Norway. Visit Bergen`s outdoor fish market that has a long history, being the historical center for fish trade. Explore the narrow lanes of ancient Bergen by foot. Continue to the Floibanen Funicular, one of the most popular attractions in all of Norway. The funicular ride up to the top of Floyen mountain. Enjoy the spectacular ride and the views of Bergen .

Day 7 Bergen - Telemark (400km/7h)
Explore Hardangerfjord cruising and continue to the orchards along Sorfjord. Enjoy the tranquility and the picturesque scenery. Continue to one of the biggest in Norway, Latefoss Waterfalls and the wild Hardangervidda mountain plateau, the largest in Europe. Departure to Telemark.

Day 8 Telemark - Oslo (130km/2h)
See Vemork, which was the target of Norwegian heavy water sabotage operations during World War II. The heavy water plant was closed in 1971, and in 1988 the power station became the Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum. Continue on to Lake Tinnsjo, where the ferry SF Hydro was sunk by the Norwegian resistance during the German occupation of Norway. Stop to visit Heddal stave church, Norway`s largest stave church. Back to Oslo.

Day 9 Oslo
Transfer to the airport.