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Highlights of Kazakhstan
9 days / 8 nights
Almaty - Shymkent - Turkestan - Kzyl Orda - Baikonur - Astana

Day 1 Almaty
Arrival at the airport. Transfer to the hotel.

Day 2 Almaty – Shymkent (600km/11h)
The tour starts with a visit of Panfilov Park and continues to the Cathedral. Visit the museum of national musical instruments. Explore Medeo gorge. Overnight train to Shymkent.

Day 3 Shymkent – Turkestan( 60km/1h)
Drive to Shaulder village. Explore the Otrar ruins, famous for the treasures of the ancient rulers and buried piles of gold coins and jewelry. Visit Arstanbab mausoleum. Departure to Turkestan city.

Day 4 Turkestan – Kzyl Orda (300km/5h)
Visit Akhmed Yassavi, a complex of the entire Turk civilization with its mausoleums, mosques and Turkish hammams. Explore the ancient fortress of Turkestan. Drive to Kzyl Orda city. See Sairan, a former capital of White Orda.

Day 5 Kzyl Orda – Baikonur (300km/5h)
Explore Kzyl Orda ancient city located in the heart of Silk Road and a former the capital of Kazakhstan. Continue to the ancient settlement Korkyt-Ata, an architectural complex, dedicated to philosopher and thinker of Kazakh people, founder of Kazakh stringed and bow music, Korkyt-Ata. Travel to Baikonur.

Day 6 Baikonur
Explore Baikonur cosmodrome and the complex “Proton”, “Energia” rocket and space ship “Buran”. Continue to the test complex of carrier-rocket “Soyuz”. Drive to Gagarin's start, named after the famous cosmonaut. See the museum, the memorial house of Gagarin and memorial house of general constructor Sergey Korolev .

Day 7 Baikonur - Kzyl Orda (300km/5h) - Astana (800km/2h)
Drive to Kzyl Orda. Flight to Astana.

Day 8 Astana
The tour of the capital starts from the Presidents Residence "Oq Orda". See the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, symbol of Astana "Bayterek".

Day 9 Astana
Transfer to the airport.