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Charming Sicily, Volcanos and Islands
9 days / 8 nights
Catania - Siracusa - Etna Mountain - Enna - Piazza Armerina - Agrigento - Erice - Palermo - Mondello - Monreale - Palermo - Cefalu - Santo Stefano - Milazzo - Lipari - Aeolian Islands - Panarea - Stromboli - Lipari - Milazzo - Savoca - Taormina - Catania

Day 1 Catania
Arrival to Catania airport. Transfer to hotel nearby. Dinner at hotel.

Day 2 Catania - Siracusa (70km/1h)- Catania (70km/1h)
Morning departure to the town of Archimedes - Siracusa. Start with an orientation tour with the impressive archeological park, including the Roman Amphitheatre, Ear of Dionysius and the greek theatre. Proceed to Ortigia peninsula, walking between the alleys of the charming town, watching the Arethusa Fountain and visiting a local workshop making the famous Papyrus paper. Proceed to an underground tour of the San Giovanni catacombs, where the first christians of the Old Era are buried. Back to our hotel. Dinner at hotel.

Day 3 Catania - Etna Mountain (60km/2h) - Enna (120km/3h)- Piazza Armerina (30km/1h) - Agrigento (100km/2h)
Early morning climbing to the volcanic mountain of Etna. Climb with bus up to 1990 meters height. Jeep tour, and partly by foot, towards the nearest crater, up to 3000 meters height (depending on climate and mountain conditions). Learn about the various eruptions and explosions occurred recently, hoping to meet some smoking craters. Proceed to the center of the Sicilian island to an unforgettable watch from the town of Enna. Proceed to one of the island’s perls – the spectacular mosaics of Villa Romana Casale by the town of Piazza Armerina. Tour between hundreds meters of breathtaking mosaics and some other experiences from the Romans lives of the 2nd century. Proceed to our hotel near Agrigento. Dinner at hotel.

Day 4 Agrigento - Erice (180km/3,30h) - Palermo (120km/2h)
Morning tour of the Valley of the Temples where sited ruins of nine temples of ancient Akragas, among them the great Concord temple, known to be the most preserved and magnificent among the Doric temples in Sicily. Proceed west to Erice, the Sicilian marzipan town, located on top of mount Erice overlooking the area. Visit a local colourful bakery shop watching the marzipan artist in his work. Passing by the salt-pans lining the road near trapani towards the capital of Palermo. Check-in in our hotel and dinner.

Day 5 Palermo - Mondello (20km/1h)- Monreale (20km/1h) - Palermo (10km/40min)
Morning tour in the capital of Sicily – Palermo. Visit the Norman’s Palace, Quattro Canti Square, the local Duomo (Cathedral), and at one of the most macabre sites – Capuchin Catacombs. Proceed to the fishermen village - Mondello, located by the edges of Palermo. Walk along the picturesque promenade. In the afternoon, drive to Monreale, where located one of the most beautiful churches of Italy. In that Norman Cathedral we’ll see one of the amazing masterpieces of the italian art: a storytelling mosaic of both the Bible and Jesus stories. Evening – a Sicilian Folklore local show followed by dinner. Back to our hotel.

Day 6 Palermo - Cefalu (70km/1,30h) - Santo Stefano (40km/1h) - Milazzo (110km/1,30h) - Lipari, Aeolian Islands (ferry)
Climb towards Monte Pellegrino, to visit Santa Rosalia’s Sanctuary, the Patron of Palermo. Enjoy a breathtaking overlook towards the Conca d’Oro, the gulf of Palermo. Proceed to the resort town of Cefalu. Visit the Norman church dominating it. Proceed towards Milazzo, from which we’ll sail to the Eolian Islands. Stop on the way for a short visit at the ceramic town of Santo Stefano di Camastra, enjoying the bounty of colours and shapes the town offers. Ferry to the Eolian Islands. Dinner and overnight in Lipari.

Day 7 Lipari - Panarea (ferry) - Stromboli (ferry) - Lipari (ferry)
Morning visit of the Lipari Archeological Museum, one of the most interesting sites in the area. Proceed by walking tour of the island, including free time to admire the unique beauty of the town. In the afternoon (if weather enables) ferry to the nearby islands. Starting with small Panarea where numerous wealthy italians spend their summer vacations. Then to famous Stromboli. Tour with golf-cars between the island alleys, watch the summer house of Dolce & Gabbana and hope to watch a real eruption of the volcanic mountain shooting lurid red lava. Back to Lipari for an overnight. Dinner at a local restaurant.

Day 8 Lipari - Milazzo (ferry) - Savoca (80km/1,30h) - Taormina (20km/40min) - Catania (60km/1,30h)
Morning ferry back to Milazzo. Drive to Savoca, where a few scenes of the Godfather were registered. Proceed to the glorious Taormina, visit the Greek theatre and admire the view of the Etna mountain. Walking between the alleys of the town. Back to our hotel. Dinner at hotel.

Day 9 Catania
Transfer to Catania airport for your final departure.