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Natural Paradise of Medulin
6 days / 5 nights

Day 1 Medulin
Arrival in Medulin. Transfer to the hotel.

Day 2 Medulin
Visit the neighbouring city Pula. Explore its Arena, the 6th largest surviving Roman amphitheatre and The Forum, the main square in the centre of the city. Go to Bijeca Bay and experience the windsurf training. Learn more about the surfing, equipment, theory, techniques, wind direction, sea currents and similar conditions.

Day 3 Medulin
Ready for windsurfing and capturing the boom. Practice surfing moves such as faster turn into the wind and slalom. Get closer to the final goal – independent windsurfing! Enjoy the crystal-clear sea and the sandy beach.

Day 4 Medulin
Today practice all learned the previous day. Feel the wind in the hair and enjoy the perfect sport for training every part of the body. Take a break and visit the nearby Cape Kamenjak, a picturesque landscape of natural beauty, home of many protected plant and animal species, the nearly extinct Mediterranean Monk Seal.

Day 5 Medulin
Train surfing into the wind, downwind turn and quick turn into the wind. Have fun and enjoy the independent windsurfing in light wind. These techniques open the door to more advanced level of surfing, accessible in the future.

Day 6 Medulin
Transfer to the airport.